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Amanda Pun Founder-in-Residence at Entrepreneur First “Bloom Mentor offers a curated community of high-calibre individuals you can have inspiring and helpful conversations with. I would highly recommend Bloom Mentor to others in Product!”
Josh Sandhu Product Manager “Sam stands out from the rest as his heart is in the right place. Sam deeply cares about the people he supports through the bloom mentor programme.”
Flora Devlin Product Coach and Ex-Product Director at Monzo “Two talented, down to earth guys who put so much energy and passion into what they do .... they are always looking for ways to connect and support people in their career.”
Melissa Lim Principal Product Manager “I appreciated Sam's thoughtfulness throughout the process and recommend bloom mentor for anyone looking to tap into a talented, motivated pool of people for meaningful connections.”
Julia Godinho Product Manager “Sam has created an incredible community of Product people who are not only passionate about their craft, but also raising the bar in the industry. Sam will go above and beyond to help you!”
Lloyd Wilson Software Engineering Manager “The bloom mentor scheme has been amazing. I speak to my mentor regularly by email, zoom or in person…I’ve definitely noticed the positive impact it’s had on my work”
Callum Wiggins Senior Product Manager “bloom are special because they are so tapped into the product community & give so much back. bloom mentor is an amazing mentorship pairing service, I've been really impressed with how spot on they get the matches!”
David Ives Chief Technology Officer “In addition to the amazing work that Bloom are known for, they have set up bloom mentor - a great opportunity for technical leaders of all experience levels to come together and support each other”
Shrutika Sainani Product Manager “Sam introduced me to the bloom mentorship community that he has carefully curated. Through this program, he connected me with my mentor - a PM leader from industry who was in a role I aspired for.”
Francois Deschenes VP Engineering “The mentorship programme that Alex & Sam have created at bloom, is a real breath of fresh air. An incredible community, filled with diverse and ambitious people from the Product & Engineering world.”
Atta Rehman Chief Technology Officer “Such a simple but powerful idea, where experienced Engineers and Engineering Managers give their time, for free, to help advance the careers of up and coming Engineers and Engineering Managers. ”
Jacquelyn Guderley Product Manager “Sam put real thought into matching me with mentors he felt I'd connect well with and learn lots from - I was even paired with two mentors, which is amazing !”
David Conde Marin Senior Engineering Manager “bloom have been doing amazing work creating a mentoring programme in bloom mentor - A community built to offer a network of support for new and established individuals in the Product & Engineering world”
Jan Klug Product Director “Bloom has paired me with product leaders so vastly experienced that they don't just coach reactively, but can point out what you don't know you don't know. Sam and the team really took care to craft the pairings.”
Melissa Parnaby Associate Product Manager “He was so personable, down to earth, and genuine. I really cannot speak highly enough about Sam, this mentorship programme, and my 5 woman mentors.”
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Sofya Gething Product Manager I like to dance all day, lover of a red-cardigan & world-cinema buff
James Carter Senior VP Engineering Ex-Google Director & Ex-board member of Trivago

"A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us and tells us how they did it. A mentor is someone who walks alongside us to guide us on what we can do".

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