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Hey, we're bloom. We bring together years of experience within Product Management and Engineering.

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bloom support and enable early stage startups, scaleups and leading global tech giants to build and nurture high-performing teams.

Mike Hudack Co-Founder and CEO of Sling American in UK, Ex-CPO of Deliveroo and Monzo, head of FB ads product, multiple founder
Guillaume Boniface-Chang Head of Product Born in Lille, Rock climbing enthusiast and best matcha cake in London
James Smith Group Product Manager Scotsman living in England via California and DJ, F1 & football fanatic.

We discover and nurture ambitious people to help grow their careers while matching them to incredible businesses, so that together they can bloom.

Simon Amor Co-Founder and Product Designer “We had a really great experience with Bloom. The people they found were amazing, and were able to come in and have an instant impact. They also made sure all the candidates had a great experience!”
Julia Godinho Senior Product Manager “Sam has created an incredible community of Product people who are not only passionate about their craft, but also raising the bar in the industry. Sam will go above and beyond to help you!”
Valerio Magliulo Co-Founder “There's no real school to prepare you for a Product Management career. Bloom is what I wish I had years ago starting out as a PM with little to no guidance available to help me grow.”
Tariq Shauqat President at Bumble Inc. “We're excited by the work we're doing together, and appreciate the partnership.”
Etienne Martin Chief Product Officer “Sam at bloom has been fantastic at finding the right next move for me, working closely with the investors to facilitate the communication and making sure that each side adjusted properly to create the perfect fit.”
Thomas Young Senior Product Manager “Sam found me my dream role, Senior Product Manager at Google, I can’t thank him enough for it !”
Sofya Gething Senior Product Manager “The quality of direction that bloom and bloom mentor offer is unlike any other recruitment process. It is evident that Sam and bloom are working with the best talent and the best companies.”
Charlie O'Driscoll Head of Tech Recruitment “When it comes to needing support in growing our Engineering teams, bloom & Alex are always the first in mind...We’ve partnered with bloom once again as we embark on an exciting period of growth here at Monzo”
Pedro Mejuto General Manager at Bumble Inc. “If there's one thing that's clear from working with Sam, is that he and the Bloom team understand the importance of the candidate experience and excel at it, an asset for any high performing product organisation!”
Ronan Tighe Chief Product Officer “Sam has been really helpful to me over the last 5 years as we have scaled our product team at Moonpig from 5 PMs to over 20 today. He is one of the few recruiters that really understands the world of product.”
Rob Crook Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer “bloom don’t just give you what you ask for, they partner with you to figure out exactly what you need and then work tirelessly to help you find it. They’re my first call as both a candidate & hiring manager - 10/10.”
Tara Paranjpe Senior Product Manager “Sam is hands down one of the best recruiting partners I’ve ever worked with. He consistently went above and beyond, & his level of transparency throughout each stage was unparalleled!”
Mousom Dhar Gupta VP Engineering “They have a great reputation and superb connections already in the UK and EU. I would recommend Sam and Bloom to anyone looking for a leadership role in high growth technology companies.”
Rupert Douglas Senior Tech Talent Partner “Sam helped us hire a business-critical Senior Product Manager role incredibly quickly. Sam shared two candidates with us, we hired one. The focus on quality over quantity was refreshing!”
Sheena Shivari Head of Marketing “Bloom were great partners in not only the recruiting side of things, but helping us showcase our culture a bit more to attract the right talent. I'd recommend them to anyone ...”
Mariam El Beshlawi Group Product Manager “Sam has been an invaluable ally to me, extending his guidance, expanding my professional network, and offering valuable career advice ... I've had the privilege of meeting an incredible group of women in product!”
James Routley Founding Engineer “bloom didn’t just find us great people, they gave us great feedback and advice on our interview process, and coached us on on how to deliver the best possible candidate experience, It's been a brilliant partnership!”
Kat Cruz Director of People & Culture “bloom are incredibly collaborative, receptive to feedback as well as strong to deliver constructive feedback. As a previous Head of Talent within a VC, they are top calibre partners I would trust to work with.”

Right people, right place, right time.

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